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about us

SO FLY pnw is a whole mood. What makes YOU feel fly? What makes YOU soar? For me its family, creative expression, nature, and exploration. This page is our family experiment, we look forward to sharing our adventures, pictures of birds, animals, nature, and all the things we love.

A few years back my husband gifted me a Nikon 3500 DSLR camera bundle for Christmas. I knew little to nothing about how to use it and to be honest I was intimidated. I’ve always admired other people’s photos and had high hopes that I could one day capture moments with such pristine focus and clarity.

What started as a gift underneath the Christmas tree has grown into a full-blown family hobby. As I reluctantly joined my husband on the occasional hike I was captivated by the wildlife I was able to capture through my view finder. We started to explore more parks and finding birds became a bit of a scavenger hunt, my husband Adriaan, typically acts as the spotter walking ahead with his binoculars and the kids tend to keep an eye on lower laying creatures.

We are living through some crazy times and having lived through a global pandemic this newfound hobby helped us connect as a family, detach from the world when things felt hectic, explore the environment around us, and reconnect to the things that mattered most to us. Birding served as a walking meditation, it got us outside so we could move our bodies and ignited a sense of curiosity that kept us going.

To be clear we are NOT EXPERT naturalists, photographers, or even birders. We ARE learning about birds, wildlife, and photography and hope you join us as we explore and laugh along the way!