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Author: Adriaan

Devil’s Lake Recreation Area Bogs and Birding

As school was about to get out it was time to get away for the weekend, trying to find the sun as a cold rainy system decided to come down from Canada we headed south to Devil’s Lake Recreation Area in Lincoln City, Oregon. Devil’s Lake could be any PNW lake on the west side of the cascades surrounded by forest with nice views and plenty of available water activities, but one thing that makes it unique is how close it is to the ocean.

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Best Spots for Birding in Washington State

Well we’ve done a lot of articles, visited a lot of parks, wildlife refuges, as well as traveled out of the country to find birds and wildlife. So we felt it was time to finally list the best spots for birding in our home state of Washington. We’ve got our work cut out for us to do the same for other PNW states as well as Canada but we’ll get to it! As for this list we’ll start with our six favorite spots but may come back later to update if we feel the need to add more.

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The Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge and the Return of the Rufous

We finally took our first visit to the popular Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge and were welcomed by many Rufous Hummingbirds who have migrated north for the season! Ridgefield is just north of Vancouver (Washington not BC), and is nestled next to the Columbia River where a broad wetland area exists both on the Washington and Oregon side of the river.

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A Migrating Visitor to the Puget Sound

No I’m not talking about Snowbirders returning from Arizona, though I’m sure there are plenty of those as well. Spring has fully arrived and with Spring time weather we get bird migration! While the Puget Sound area may not be a hot bed for migration bird viewing we still get our spring and fall stop overs. With some sunny weather we headed down to the Willow Creek Fish Hatchery and the Edmonds Marsh to enjoy the day and see what birds would be out.

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A Visit to Zion and Arches National Parks

For our annual spring break trip we wanted to head some where warm with the Scamp, and being early April we knew we had to head pretty far south to find some sunshine. With only one week we could not visit all of the Mighty Five National Parks in Utah, so we chose Zion and Arches National Parks to split up the trip between the west and east side of Southern Utah.

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An Unusually Hot Early Spring Weekend Visit to Spada Lake

Making the most of a rare, sunny spring weekend in Seattle, I dedicated most of my Saturday to taking care of household chores and yard work. As a little treat for myself after all that effort, I decided to plan a Sunday morning hike. Even though my kids usually loath morning hikes (or any hikes for that matter), they surprised me this time by being real troopers.

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Placencia and the Cockscomb Basin Belize

Our final destination in Belize was of course the coast! While many travel to San Pedro to see the Caribbean in Belize we instead chose Placencia, a charming little town at the very tip of a peninsula in southern Belize. Not too far from Placencia, nestled in the jungle, lies the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary – an incredible spot for wildlife viewing.

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The Problem with Barred Owls

Just in time for Superb Owl Sunday, an article on owls! If you are as old as I am you will remember in the 90’s the hullaballoo about Spotted Owls here in the Pacific Northwest. At the time the culprit was logging, Spotted Owls have evolved to inhabit old-growth forests, tall trees, old snags, healthy streams, and with the many food sources that also live in the same habitat.