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Summertime in Yellowstone National Park

Part two of our summer adventure took us back north from Grand Teton into Yellowstone National Park. Summertime is the busiest time in these two parks because much of the year there is snow. This is where it is nice to have our little Scamp Birdie, we were able to stay at the Fishing Bridge RV Park which is right in the middle of the park making it easier to get to all the different sites.

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Field Springs State Park Camping

We have been looking at lightweight travel trailers for a few years now and were lucky enough to find and purchase a 16 ft. Scamp this May! We had to give our Scamp a nickname so ‘Birdie’ we decided was a fitting title. Our first trip with Birdie we went all the way to the south east corner of the state to Field Springs State Park to see the Blue Mountains.

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